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Domain Name Registration

Registering your domain name is the first step towards achieving your online presence and reaching your users, .sy Domain Registration SyrianHost


Good Start

When you want to transfer your business to the digital world or create a new division for it within it in order to expand it, the process of buying a domain name for your business is a good start to get you right into this field.

Be a professional

Choose a professional and official name, as obtaining a domain name for your company gives more credibility between your company and your customers, which increases the level of trust and increases the percentage of dealing with customers.


Official Mail

Email is the preferred medium for both companies and individuals in the business world. Many companies use e-mail as a means of contracting and terminating deals.


Domain registration price

Syrian Host is characterized by providing the lowest prices in the Syrian Arab Republic within a large group of suffixes.

Domain Years Booking Renewal Transfer
.sy 1 year 10,000 S.P 10,000 S.P 10,000 S.P
.com 1 year 65,000 S.P 65,000 S.P 65,000 S.P
.net 1 year 75,000 S.P 75,000 S.P 75,000 S.P
.org 1 year 70,000 S.P 70,000 S.P 70,000 S.P
.co 1 year 160,000 S.P 160,000 S.P 160,000 S.P

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